life is good
Warning About me 

Keep out
Barb and I married 18 years.

Name: Rick Unger
First Car:63 Valiant three on the tree, and removable plywood floors.
Best place to chill: Big Island Lake U.P. Michigan, paddling
Favorite book: Confederacy of Dunces 
Favorite movie: O Brother where art thou
Favorite quote: “According to the map we’ve only gone 2 inches”
For Fun: Spending the day on the golf course with Barb and some cocktails.

color bio
Rick has millions of frames of experience, and a new school artistic approach for creating dynamic looks to color images for commercials, music videos, documentaries, and feature films.
First memorable experience was working with academy award winning DP Haskell Wexler on a Chevy truck campaign.  Talking with Mr. Wexler on how he wanted the western theme rodeo truck spot to look was awesome. He got to the point on the look of the project. I said I would try. He replied "Trying is a set up for not being able to pull it off, it’s an excuse to fail he pointed out". "Do your best work and then some and we will work great together" Nuff said.
As color technology has changed so has the experience of  the colorist. From the days of flat bed film negative color timing to current digital non linear color grading. Rick has become an expert at creating workflows for the large variety of 2k and 4K data file based cameras.
Extensive experience operating hardware and software on-line finishing and color grading programs like Quantel, Pablo, Lustre, Nucoda,  and Davinci.